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IDEA Initiative

IDEA Initiative

The IDEA initiative (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access) was set up by SMBE to promote and support diversity (along all axes), both within our society and the wider scientific community. More information on the IDEA initiative can be found here:

In this conference, we are organizing a session that will focus on the activities and approaches of those within the molecular biology/evolution community to address issues related to IDEA. We will be hearing from similar initiatives from other related societies. SMBE has also dedicated a budget of £25k per year to support initiatives that help reduce inequities in molecular biology and evolution
research. We will also be hearing from the current recipients of this award about their projects to help promote inclusivity and diversity within our society. Our 2023 call for proposals is now open, and we would like to invite attendees to talk about their ideas for potential projects.

The new working group supported by SMBE’s IDEA will meet virtually to engage in discussions and collaborative work, including, for example, a review article and a set of teaching modules for undergraduate biology students based on the themes of the project. The broad motivation for the group is to develop a better understanding of the connections between science and society through feminist and other anti-oppressive lenses. Specifically, the goals of the working group are to:

1. investigate the social history of fundamental models, terminology, and concepts in evolutionary genetics/genomics

2. analyze the societal effects of these scientific concepts and their potential limitations on subsequent research

3. begin to devise alternative ways to approach such concepts

If you are interested in joining the group, please respond using this google form:

We particularly encourage early-career scientists to participate, and we have funds available to provide research stipends to graduate students.

Please respond via the google form by 15 March 2023 and feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

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