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Whether you are in Ferrara and cannot manage to reach another venue in time to listen to your favorite talk, or if you want to read the posters during your lunch break or after their session is over, if you could not join in person but you still want to ask questions to the speakers and interact with other attendees, or if you simply want to have access to all the content even after the congress is over...


As soon as you will register, you will receive all access instructions and important information

All registered participants, regardless of the type of your registration,
will always have the chance to join the virtual events through Gathertown.
Additionally, they will all have access to all talks and posters after the end of SMBE23 (for 12 months).


Meet attendees, speakers and sponsors in a digital space where you can move around, talk to others, and share experiences

Upload now your poster to Gathertown

Here are the instructions on how to upload your poster on Gathertown. Please make sure to upload it by the 20th of July at latest.


  1. Click on the poster upload link:

  2. Enter the exact same email address associated with your abstract submission

  3. Enter the password you received via email.

  4. Click ‘Login.’

  5. The home page will have a line for your poster, click ‘submit.’

  6. Under ‘Title,’ type in your poster’s title.

  7. Choose your poster file under ‘Select file to upload’ (file type must be pdf, png, or jpeg; there is no size limit).

  8. Click ‘Submit’.

  9. The ‘Submit’ button will change to ‘Loading’ until the upload is complete.

  10. When the upload is complete, you will see a message pop up stating ‘Your poster was submitted’. Click ‘OK’.

  11. If the title is correct and the poster file is successfully uploaded, click ‘This is correct’.

  12. For any Gathertown and poster upload-related issues, please get in touch with Andrea Hammond (

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