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As always SMBE is keen to ensure good international representation. Support will be provided to all delegates that may require additional documentation in order to secure a visa.

Please visit the following website to check if you require a visa for Italy.

You can request support for your Visa application by sending your name and surname as well as confirmation of registration to Within a few days you will receive a cover letter confirming your attendance at SMBE 2023.


The Childcare will be organized in a nursery facility in the city center (5-7 minutes on foot from the meeting locations). It will be open from 8:30 to 18 on the 24-25-26 of July, and from 8:30 to 14 on the 27. Plenty of activities are planned for the kids (laboratories, experiences, games), organized by age. A nice private garden is available.


The childcare is financially supported by the Society and will host up to about 45 kids (about 15 in the range 0-6 and about 30 in the range 7-12). We are considering the possibility of extending this capacity.

You can find detailed information and a link to the registration form:

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