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As always SMBE is keen to ensure good international representation. Support will be provided to all delegates that may require additional documentation in order to secure a visa.

Please visit the following website to check if you require a visa for Italy.

You can request support for your Visa application by sending your name and surname as well as confirmation of registration to Within a few days you will receive a cover letter confirming your attendance at SMBE 2023.


The Childcare will be organized in a nursery facility in the city center (5-7 minutes on foot from the meeting locations). It will be open from 8:30 to 18 on the 24-25-26 of July, and from 8:30 to 14 on the 27. Plenty of activities are planned for the kids (laboratories, experiences, games), organized by age. A nice private garden is available.


The childcare is financially supported by the Society.


We have recently increased the number of available places and aim to accommodate the needs of our membership. Please note that at least one parent should be registered for the conference before applying to the childcare.

You can find detailed information and a link to the registration form:

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